Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's October!

October seems to follow September with indecent haste...

2010 is approaching the end...

Am I too pessimistic?

Next week the form3s will be having their PMR exams,memories start to flash back like slides. We were just exactly like them, nervous, panic, fear and perharps some anticipation? huh~

Next week will be a tough week for them, but once over, they are freed, just like the time we had. I remembered my life after PMR was a lot busier than before the exam. All sorts of experience and activities...sandcastle competition, frisbee competition, RIMUP etc. And of cause year end KRS training camp and orientation. ^.^

I miss form3!!!

I mean it.

Dunno why suddenly feel so down at this lonely night. It's 10:43pm now. I am all alone in front of my desk...

Future seems unreachable.

Just one more year...we'll be facing SPM.

The life after SPM remains blank in my mind, I dun dare to dream of it. Departing from friends??Studying abroad?? They say we'll come to a junction of's there a U-turn to take??or reverse?

Ouhh,I am thinking too much I think.haha~

Maybe It is the influence of being alone.ha. u know I love crowds and company and laughter of cause. XD

Just hope dat we can still be best friends like before, no matter wad happens,even one day we'll go for different directions. When you need help, always count on me.=)

Alright!stop worrying are supposed to be jokey and optimistic. (perharps u will have such sadness after having so much fun and joy.haha~)

Live life to the fullest!

Stop!Ready!Get Set!GO!!

P.S. : here I wish all form3s all the best in next week PMR!