Friday, 11 July 2008

I am the smallest musketeer. XD

today was quite fun in school. todays first 3 period is free period. Sarinder didnt turn up and jothi

is not teaching. k la. stop boring-ing. I was good hearted and borrow my book to the 2 lady

infront of me. End up, puan aminah said that i'm a perempuan. Eh teacher, did u wear ur specs

or contacts today?? and thx to u perempuan infront of me. now it's my turn to make things clear.

i'm a boy.

saya lelaki.


can anyone tell me what is I"M A BOY in tamil?

thanks for my bro for helping me to fix this connection. his reward is my bow. so worth it.

k la. chao liao. if my post is so boring, sorry hor. first time blogging. =P


The magic word~~

Tday, we learn about something called PLZ.

PLZZ is a realli powerful word,
it can make YAN YI pass a BOOK for Jeffrey, special le?

Without the word please, Jeffrey won't help SOMEBODY take him/her PAPER from his/hers DRAWER =P

Either wayzzz, tday pn aminah mentioned yanyis name juz bcoz she saw wen qi talking n den yanyi was smiling ^^ =D

Lucky le~~

Everyone was like .... OMG YAN YI AND WEN QI???

Tday i helped sum1 in guitar n sum1 thought me sumthing about another instrument!! YAY!!!
Gud luck in learning guitar XD!

1st time blogging here, so sry if it sux =B ( ohya 4 ur info, this blog has 3 ownerz if u didint notice XD , so you might read 3 different post on the same day if we all blog)

Jeffrey ^^

The Day I Absent From School

It was today,I absent from school...
Don't think I ponteng sekolah...
I will not do that....
For its not a right thing to do...
Then I really miss my friends...
Particularly the other two Musketeer...
And that wan called 'No You Stupid'...
And the lovely sun...
Then why am I Absent?
That is the point...
Most interesting thing...
For you all to guess.

Matthew XD