Wednesday, 27 January 2010


First of all,I would like to wish Matthew Lim happy birthday.-_______________-

Like wad Xian said, finally I am 16....=.=

Glance at the clock,there is half an hour left for my birthday to become history.

24 hours ago, I was counting down by myself, and when the clock strikes 12 times, Yan Yi and Jeffrey were sleeping soundly I think.XD

Thanks to Shea Yee, the first important one to wish me at 0027.

Yeah~you will definitely feel different when you are wandering in the school and it's your birthday. Suddenly everyone seems to focus on you and those you don't often chat to will come to you and say 'Happy Birthday'.

The phrase was just kept repeated by the ppl around you, sometimes it would be the same person. Everyone just blurted out happy birthday when they see me, as if my name has changed to 'happy birthday' today.

Sadly, even though today is my birthday, I still need to stay bec at school until 7.T.T

However, I am so touched that the whole marching team are willing to sing birthday song to me.

Alright,it is late now.byebye~bye 27/01/2010

my birthday wishes : Get good results in this year, have a lot of good friends and hope my beloved is happy everyday.

I was borned at 3.05p.m. on 27th of January 1994