Thursday, 18 September 2008

I LOVE Penang

Really happy in Penang those days.I thought my frens all forget me d,but they nt juz remember me,still wan 2 meet me.At first I juz told my close frens onli.But I dunno din tell others oso can get scolded de.haha.They scold me 4 nt inform them.But there are too many.summore gt new frens from CLB(Chung Ling Butterworth) de.On Monday Afternoon,I grab a T-shirt gt CLB skul Logo wan (My brother's,he graduated from CLB) n wear on.Den I wear a pair of red shoes n walk into CLB at their recess time.They ask me to go wan.So I go,I scared my hair too long n specs too white n wil gt scold by the Discipline teacher for afternoon session(Ah Goh).But I juz walk inside steadily,the Guard see me wear CLB shirt so din block me,I think he thought I m form 3-5 student come back for koko onli.Haha~~this is wat musketeer do rite?

Then I meet them lo.some girls laz time in primary wan were taller than me de,Now all shorter than me liao lo.Haha XD.Sui J!ng dun recognise me d.haha.She said I change liao,a big change thim.haha.But I think she still the same la,nt much change,juz a bit 'cold' onli.I think she juz taller than the flamingos' (Wen Qi) a bit onli.After meeting them at 4.30pm.they ask me to cm again during their PJK lesson to play football wif them.So I come.I join them in 2A1 team,yet the PJK teacher still duNo I m in the game.Haha~So Proud be a successful musketeer.Hehe.

Then We plan to gather at Seberang Jaya Caltex McDonald's.We play n eat n drink.The Mcdonald nearly collapse haha.I think there are more than 20 ppl dat day(916).We chat n cheer til 11.30pm.At 10 sumthing,we go in the playground area and...and...and...PLAY!!haha.All the ppl there see us wif some kind of ...erm... shock.Haha.The parents straight away bring their kids out from there when we rush in,Haha.Lucky no wan Noe hu am I there.Den they started take photo's wif me.I juz like a mascot n let time take picture.I will post up those picture as well as I collect those photos from my frens.N I will introduce my frens in Penang to u all here in PJ.They ask me to go back there n study,I cant promise anything yet,mayb now 90% I will go back.So Yan Yi dun sad la,Continue to joke n play ppl out.


I Am BACK!!!

Wow!I come back le.After spending all my extra 5 days holidays in Penang.My brother had gone on Tuesday,I thought dat day will 'change sky',but the sky still blue de.== T.T

Feel dunwan to leave Penang.Meet all my Great frens there.Haiz~must cm back too.Mayb juz 3 or 4 months here.haahaa.actually I oso feel happy living here,juz I come from Penang u see.So naturally I will be happy to go back(hu doesnt feel that when balik kampung?).Actually gt a period I really dun wish to leave la,wish to stay here 4ever.NOT I break my promise,juz for my future,perharps.

Sorry,I appreciate u all my frens.Really appreciate...really...especially Yan Yi n Jeffrey.

Matthew~Penangites(Penang Guy)~^_^~