Sunday, 19 July 2009

I saw Sensei James Lee in Newspaper!!

Really,I am sure is him!!

If you duno hu is Sensei Jame Lee...he is the sensei of shinobi club in can meet him on every tuesday 2.30 to 4.30( If they din change the time).well, He is quite handsome,and u'll never think of he is Sensei if he din wear on his uniform.He is juz so so friendly,owys put a big wide smile on his face.

ok~wads he doing in the newspaper?the sinchewjitpoh of 19/7,the sunday special section interviewed him.The article is like introduce shinobi to the readers.The title is :Ninjutsu, is not mysterious at all.I think that time they were in central park.Sensei also taught some tricks to out run burglars.

On the page,sensei was holding a boken(wooden sword) above his head,like ready to strike.And his partner is another black belt red-headed guy.

By the way my brother Mark will be back tomorrow!!!!he will be arrived at Bayan Lepas International airport at about 4.45 pm.Too bad that time I will be in tuition class.

Still remember laz year,I made a trip back to Penang from PJ to farewell to my brother.Before i departed from PJ,Jeff kena scolded by cik chong over this matter.XD and Jeff sure still rmb about this.Wad exactly happen u can ask jeffrey for details...