Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Opening Ceremony of St. Joseph @ Gurney Paragon

I will tell you about Qnet next time, but I wonder it worths to be here or not. My left leg was in, but I used my right leg to jump out of it. Haha. Next time, if I still remember, will tell you the story.

All of you often go to Gurney Plaza, I am pretty sure of it. Have you ever noticed some years ago, probably you were still young and just like monkeys, there are some old buildings along the Gurney drive beside the Plaza? I have totally no impression.

There was a church with the name Saint Joseph. I think the building is under the supervision of UNESCO heritage, that's why when they built Gurney Paragon the building is preserved.

I love Gurney Plaza, I think I will vote her as the best shopping mall in Penang if there is such ranking. =)

However, I feel like I started to love Gurney Paragon, she is younger and prettier, haha, giving you a different feeling. The cheapest condominiums at Gurney Paragon cost RM2.4 million. WOW! Nevermind, I will try my best to own one since I like to gaze at the sea.

Okay, why there isn't anybody asks me why on earth I attended the opening ceremony of St. Joseph at Gurney Paragon?


My brother and his partner's  company had been invited to the event. The two young directors were given a chance to demo their products there. So his partner's girl friend and I went to help unofficially and were proud to be the first unofficially workers.

They used our Flux chairs from Holland as the VVIP seats on the stage.

Nah, this one. Want to have a try? Visit my house ba.

I really thank my brother for giving me such a chance to attend the event. It was not because I can see Mr Lim Guan Eng in person, but I was in the midst of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs. The event was very class. In fact, I learnt many things and my mind was further broaden ( Open big eye border ). The way they communicate, the way to present your products, the place was splendid. This experience is memorable.

Yeah, one day I will be an entrepreneur, one day I will be one of them. XD

This event is a start.