Tuesday, 23 September 2008


AHHH juz got back from school n gues wat??



Guess wat?? Tday a whole group of Sultan Abdul Samad students came to our school for ninja training, it was a very nice memory in all the little ninja's mind~

I) Uncle Kaci the big big guy, sparring dam scary, the way the talk dam scary , but den personality em cho XD

II) Uncle Brian (dai lou of SAS gang) wahh he spar wif quak until here injured thr injured, here bleed thr bleed, intresting match!! i oso kena dabao by him within 5 SEC!!! T.T

III) Matthew got beat up by sensei as usual~ but den tis time, when sensei pulled his hair, his whole neck went "CRECK!!" XD well it didint came off , so lucky u mathew!! XD

haizz gtg do sejarah projek edi!! haha haf to save sum money to buy guitar stand,so cannot pay for starbuckz edi but den thrz nothing to fear, yanyi will belanja n matthew will pay, gud le!!

Poor Little Bu4 ninja~ Jeffrey XP