Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Wah...my Holidays...
ntg interesting...juz got one arguement between Andrew,Soo Yin,Chee Wai n me.3 Pengawas versus me leh...but still lose...Jeffrey say mainly is between Chee Wai n me ...den he created the princips dat he told Yan Yi.

From the argument,I found out 1 thing.Chee Wai n Soo YIn,dis two pengawas oways argue wif each other,den dat day they feel bored,contact list so many names they dunwan,they target me.then?wat happen?they lose lo...

But i reali hope u all juz feel bored n play wif me.tell me juz joking,n I will adjust my mood n play wif u all like in the school.for ur infomation,I hate ppl wun more than 3 days de,but will play u up in ur whole life.haha.

As the Chinese proverb state:YI HE WEI GUI so I wun mind anything wan...Soo Yin very scared,she thought me a person hu cannot play wif...am I dis type of ppl??I so happy n cheerful everyday...haha...blow ur hair la.

By the way,Yin Yin so fast surrender liao...no point playing,nt syiok.Dun sob la.

Here is the official website of Foon Yew Kulai:http://www.foonyewkulai.edu.my/index.php
Pls visit when free...more deeper ab my laz school...I reali miss them...n some photo's too..,HA