Thursday, 16 September 2010

School Reopen after Hari Raya

I knew some of the schools had two weeks of holidays...but my school reopened on Tuesday dy.

As it always been, our results are distributed after holidays. So it was like after a one whole week cheer we started to worry our results again.

This time exam was a small one, I think my results are quite okay despite some (actually very much ) careless mistakes I did. I should have done better than this.

Glance back this holidays, many stuff happened...

I can say many of friends 'putus cinta' on the exact day of Hari Raya...I wonder why.

Furthermore, my first week of this school term doesn't going on so well. My chinese teacher announced to the class that my chinese essay standard has declined...
damn it, that time I was just no inspiration to write one,heart was thinking of something ( or someone) =X

I was just about to start the comprehension question when teacher said just had 15mins more! I must rushed to finish one damn comprehension and one passage of classic comprehension and 2 chinese idioms questions. They were not like english comprehension man~so direct. The questions were more to IQ thinking. I still can get 74 not bad dy under such pressured condition.


but what teacher mentioned was not comprehension...-________- I spent too much time on essay stil got 53/70 only...


One whole week of play and no work make me feel like a numb. I should regain my consciousness and ready to go for this year end exam.XD

Forget and forgive.

Get Set GO!

This post is dedicated to the one who ask me to update...=)

Thank you.