Monday, 31 August 2009

LUMPUR by Kamal Sabran

This is the seventh videos of the 15Malaysia. A boring one, but meaningful...

A modern, poetic and beautifully constructed ode to Malaysia – its common people, places and enduring spirit.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hari Kemerdekaan ke-52

The logo for this year.







Tomorrow is National Day, here I wish our country happy 52nd Birthday.XD

Don't get suprise. I memang am so patriotik wan. So sad I have to study at home tomorrow. Trial coming~no choice.

Speaking of exam.Argh!!I have not finish my studies yet.At this emergency hour, my mind is not working well T.T

I'm not able to cram everything inside my little limited mind, in such limited time. I think I should imitate Yanyi that nerd everyday. I just chose the wrong decision to follow Jeffrey exam-tomorrow-study-today style.hahaha~better dun say much,after he dissapear again.

alright, I need to do some last revision d.

Happy National Day!

Malaysia Boleh!!

1 Malaysia!!!


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lame Joke 21

A ham sandwich walks into a bar.

The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve food here."

Damn Lame...Hahahaha.


Friday, 28 August 2009

THE SON by Desmond Ng

This is the sixth video of the 15Malaysia. It talks about 3 guys of 4 beated up a Malay guy.The Malay guy ended up coma in hospital. The fourth guy was on his way to police station as a witness.

A teenage Chinese witness to a racially motivated assault is being driven to the police station. A quiet reminder of the dangers of inter-communal suspicion and conflict.


Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lame Joke 20

A Jewish couple, are sitting together on an airplane flying to the Far East.

Over the public address system, the Captain announces: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am afraid I have some very bad news. Our engines have ceased functioning, and this plane will be going down momentarily. Luckily, I see an island below us that should be able to accommodate our landing. This island appears to be uncharted; I amunable to find it on our maps. So the odds are that we will never berescued and will have to live on the island for a very long time, if not for the rest of our lives."

A few minutes later the plane lands safely onthe island, whereupon Morris turns to his wife and asks, "Esther, did we pay our pledge to the Yeshiva yet?"

"No Morris!" she responded.

Morris smiles, then asks, "Esther, did we pay our UJA pledge?"

"Oy no, I forgot to send the check!!"

Now Morris laughs. "One last thing, Esther. Did you remember to send our TempleBuilding Fund check this month?"

"Oy Morris I forgot that one too!"

Now Morris is practically choking with laughter. Esther asks Morris,"So what are you smiling and laughing about?"

Morris responds, "They'll find us."



Jeff, this joke is specially dedicated to u.CHill ya~HAHAHA


Jeffrey and Yanyi have been shut up for so many dayz.thanks God. Jeffrey failed to take revenge...after spamming ppl's blog.XD Pakat with Yanyi also can success...haiz, Jeffrey, juz drop it.HAHAHAHA

all this stories starts...

Xiang Dang nian...remember laz time...Yanyi pakat with me...gossip jeffrey with ******. Eventually, the news spread among the students...everyone believes...

Then we start again with another girl...soon the whole skul know...

Even CIk Chong come in our claz n ask...'Who is jeffrey's girlfriend actually?'...

After a while Jeffrey was married.With...****.So Yanyi n I have a Yi Sou(sister in law).XD

However,Yi Sou can't tolerate the pimpingness of his husband...cry n cry n cry...say want to divorce with him.

YanYi and I comfort n persuade her. But their relationship last only a few months.Yi Sou divorce with him.And she warned us with the tone of Dai Ga Ce(Big sister):"DONT call me Yi Sou again!!"

Those are the sad stories of Jeffrey.Or should I say the achievement of Jeffrey?

Those gossips had much affected him,whether in his relationships, or careers(He works as a prefect,Jaga pintu tandas wan).XD

He was so angry...and irritated. And he said one day he wil take revenge... ... ...but he fails~hahahaha

Jeffrey, dun cry, I have poured all of your stories in ur deep hearts...dun cry...

U cried so badly juz now infront of yongquan...


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

HALAL by Liew Seng Tat

This is the fifth video.Is damn lame, I never see anyone use a machine gun to kill a chicken before.XD

So what does Halal mean?

A very silly slapstick comedy demonstrating the proper Islamic way to slaughter chicken.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Lame Joke 19

Take Off My Clothes

My wife came home the other night and told me to take off her blouse.

Then she told me to take off her skirt.

Then she told me not to wear her clothes anymore.


HOUSE by Linus Chung

This is the fourth video of the 15. The story is quite sad...but is true and happens among us. The Indian boy is so pity, you can see his sad and puzzled face when his teacher keep reassuring him "Do you know wat is a dream house? A house that you wish to stay in the future?" during his presentation. In the beginning he is so proud to tell that the house is built by his own father.However when school dismissed his model is trampled by a rich chinese guy. In the mean time, his staying little wooden house is demolished by government for new construction.

An Indian boy is asked to build a model of his house at school. A tale on the social economic plight faced by many Malaysians.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

The First Day of Holidays

Today I woke up at 7.30am.The weather was cloudy and soon there was a down pour. I took a bath and got dressed. Arrive at Tanjung tution centre at 9. I participated a seminar for B.Melayu karangan there. Michael Ng was the speaker name. I think he is quite old, and he keep asking us to remember his name, boasting that Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Michael Owen, Michael Jackson and Michael Schumacher all followed his name -.-

I found that perharps he could crap better than us. 3 hours seminar he crap for 2 hours, half an hour was used to welcome us with all kind of languages and dialects, Mandarin, English , Bahasa, Tamil, Japanese, French, German, Hainanese, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese......

The half an hour left was occupied with songs he sang to entertain us. So after the seminar ended, I went to TCH badminton court to play badminton.

Remember last time the short prefect I have mentioned? The one who cant finish Wan Tan Mee one. He ar, total irresponsible, probably affected by the Potion sitting next to him in school. I asked him to complete his part of the Chinese Project a month ago. Besides, I remind and remind him every week like an alarm clock ringing on time. He delayed and delayed the time he should pass up. At last ytd was the last day of the semester, he took out paper and pen and HE DID IT IN FRONT OF ME WEI!!!

I nearly got heartfailure. Thought he finished d ages ago. Unfortunately, the discipline teacher summoned all prefects and asked them to carry a tin to collect donation for Salvation Army. He was not in class for the whole day. That's mean he cant finish it in class.

At night, he phoned me to do the rest of the project by my own. This time I was lucky, just fainted. Never see a prefect like that wei, even Wei Yang is a lot better than him.

Here I wish all of our fans and supporters and readers and admirers and friends and brothers and sisters have a very happy happy holidays.XD


Friday, 21 August 2009

Lame Joke 18

The Statues

In a city park stood two statues, one female and the other male. These two statues faced each other for many years.

Early one morning, an angel appeared before the statues and said, "Since the two of you have been exemplary statues and have brought enjoyment to many people, I am giving you your greatest wish. I herby give you the gift of life. You have 30 minutes to do whatever you desire."

And with that command, the statues came to life, smiled at each other, ran toward some nearby woods and dove behind a couple of bushes.

The angel smiled to himself as he listened to the two statues giggling, bushes rustling and twigs snapping. After 15 minutes, the two statues emerged from the bushes, satisfied and smiling. Puzzled, the angel looked at his watch and asked the statues, "You still have 15 minutes. Would you like to continue?"

The male statue looked at the female and asked, "Do you want to do it again?"

Smiling, the female statue said, "Sure. But this time you hold the pigeon down and I'll crap on its head."



Lame Joke 17

Just before takeoff one day, a flight attendant approached Muhammad Ali
and asked that he fasten his seat belt.

"Superman don't need no seat belt," Ali growled.

"Well, Superman," the stewardess replied, "don't need no airplane!"

THE TREE by Amir Mohammad

So this is the thrid video.Apparently it is about a tree-.-
A quite boring one...
Jeff said it is very religious...he asked me not to post...
But I think that it's okay and want to post all 15 videos...
So I just want to say that this is not a religious blog or what...jeff u think too much d...
However I think the main factor of jeff's bantahan is that this video is damn freaking boring...XD

I thought jeff will like it because it got mention how to earn merit points...wahahaha maybe u should watch it to get extra merit points =,=

I hope u all won't take it to heart or get irritated.Thank You very much.

Malaysia’s most influential spiritual leader Nik Aziz offers commentary on the virtuous and Islamic way to conduct ethical commerce in his inimitable style.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad

This is the second film of the 15MALAYSIA. Is a very short one,two minutes plus...

A quiet tale that reminds us that, despite the multifaceted contradiction of Malaysia, life goes on – even if not all of it is sweet.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Potong Saga by HoYuhang

This the first film of the 15 Malaysia.Its in Mandarin,but has English subtitle. Huang Ming Zhi, famous of his 'Negarakuku' two years ago starred Namewee, a guy who wish to apply for the Islamic Bank. XD


A laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boy’s misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account.


Laugh Out Loud!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Two Weeks Before Trial Exam

If I am not week is holiday (probably not,cause schooling kids are very sensitive to holidays). Still remember what I was doing during this period of time, fooling around with Yan Yi. Jeffrey was not joining us of coz...he was so busy with his PREFECT STUFF and too noble to fool with us.XD

Our main aim everyday was tailing behind Jeffrey when he was on duty. Obeserve clearly how he pimping. Usually he would have a little romantic stroll with at least a girl at the bicycle place.


Jeffrey walked with his fantastic catwalk.XD Actually I think that is the casual type of Ninja walk(like walking on a invisble string), am I right Jeffrey?? He is always practising shinobi. Or maybe he knew it was us-Yanyi and Matthew who he was dealing with?So he made precautions just in case.haha

Next time when meet Jeff in the skul, see how wonderful he walk. Maybe should ask him to stand out and show off during perhimpunan.

Enough for Jeffrey...given him too much face d for writing of him for half page.

So two weeks before trial, I am still blogging with no anxiety.Haha~

People around me are all suddenly become very solemn. Seems like juz the hyper boy and me are still having jokes. If it were Yan Yi he would also stop joking and concentrate to nerd.XD

I am still busy with project. The last one I hope. Chinese project,need to write lot of stuffs. But I am enjoying every moment I experience okay,no matter it would be happy, sad, bullied, jokes, rejected, teased, provoked or even hated.

Tomorrow I need to start another common week again, though I hope it could be uncommon.

Good luck again to Jeffrey and Yan Yi for your trials~

And also Liyen, Soo Yin, Wen Qi, Yiting, Abi, Xian(yi sou), JJ and more.

Happy Trials

Matthew~in love,am I?

Jeff get shocked becoz he thought I am in love with him.xD

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Quick Review of This Week

Since today is Saturday, the last day of the week, I would like to count what had happened so far.

Last Sunday, morning went to church as usual.Then in the afternoon, my sister and I went to the orthodontic clinic to change the braces. This time the doctor made it very tight, feeled like my teeth going to be compressed til broken. Well, this time I chose red colour for my braces.XD My classmate said it is very cool.

It was Monday. Nothing special. Went to school.Dismissed from school.I found that the fear of H1N1 was fading away. The talk of the school is going to shut down had stopped. But it seemed like the fear of the virus had changed into action to prevent it-many students started to wear masks.

The next day, seni lesson. We were practising old printing method. Take a lino pad,carve something on it, put some colours on and paste on the paper. It was boring enough. The colours we used was some sort of paint.Need to use thinner to wash off after used. The worst thing was, I had cut my finger T.T

Wednesday. Went to Science tuition class. Just really dunno why, that day the girls acted like all wanted to sit beside me -.- they even fight with each other to get the place. Of coz, that was just the nice part of the beginning. When the tuition started, teacher gave us past years questions to answer. The time he discussed with us, he kept looking at my answer (I was sitting in front) and read out my wrong answers to the class. He never did so if my answers were correct (but most of the time my answers are wrong,of coz,as he would catch me even there are no fullstops)."Look at this paper,I know this is a boy's work because of the untidy sketch." my writting is so tettible meh ? As far as I noe Jeffrey's is even worst than mine.XD

Thursday. This was the second day after the school had launch the E-attendance project. We all felt that this was unneccessary. Everyday, we need to walk to one of the monitor screen in the school (there are only 3), take out the card and scan it. Just like the touch 'N' go. But that one is better. Then, the screen will appear your name stated that you have attended the school. Definitely, that will be some minutes after u scanned due to system problem. That day, I took my KH electronic project out secretly to finish the pateri at home.XD shhhhh~dun tell anyone ya.

Friday.Geography exam serentak Penang. I did it well I think. Just wrong abt 5 questions. Today~school replacement.11 students absent.This let me recall last year in bu4,skul replacement there was just 8 students attended skul. hahaha~

After skul went to have lunch in Chai Leng Park. After that went to SSF. Then went for rojak.muahahaha

Come back late. Took bath and rest until now.Freaking tired now. PMR is near.I'd think I can score, 8As in my skul now is a must. Last year my school had a record of 148 8As students.

Good Luck to Jeffrey,Yanyi,Liyen,Wen Qi, Yiting and all my friends in bu4 for your trial exam. Good Luck in PMR too.All the best to you,all the way from Penang.

Busy day busy week.

A smile can change. That's wad Jeff said.XD Musketeerz forever.

Matthew~deep in love.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Today is Saturday

These few days,everyone besides nerding,also very concern about when our skul will be shut down temporary. There are rumours that some of the skul students get the H1N1. This area juz left my skul and another smk remain open,others are closed for good.

Tomorrow I stayed back at skul for backwood comp discussion. I went out for lunch with a short, cute prefect.He is just so tiny,skinny and short.

At first we ordered two milo ice,but the Indian guy brought us kopi ice. So we asked for change.He refused to do so and still insisted that he was right (thats mean we said wrong).So at last I managed to ask him to change one.

I took the milo ice,my fren took kopi ice. he cant drink anymore after he tried some.Its too pahit. We both ordered wan tan mee.Mine was larger than his. When I finished mine,he was still eating.then,he stopped,he CANT FINISH IT!Now i got it why he is so skinny and short.

Well then he had nothing to drink.So he aimed at my milo ice.Finally I agreed to campur his kopi ice to my milo ice.It turns out he still dun dare to drink the kopi campur milo ice.So he asked our others frens to help us to finish it.

We arrived late at the meeting as usual,luckily we never get scolded.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Jokes to Tickle You

1. Losing all your friends
Man comes home and finds his wife with his friend in bed.He shoots his friend and kills him.
Wife says 'If you behave like this, you will lose ALL your friends.'

2. Brother wanted
A small boy wrote to Santa Claus,'send me a brother'....
Santa wrote back, 'SEND ME YOUR MOTHER'.......

3. Meaning of WIFE
Husband asks, 'Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means 'Without Information Fighting Everytime'!'
Wife replies, 'No, it means 'With Idiot For Ever'!!!'

4. Importance of a period
Teacher: 'Do you know the importance of a period?'
Kid: 'Yeah, once my sister said she has missed one, my mom fainted, dad got a heart attack & our driver ran away.'

5. Confident vs. Confidential
A young boy asks his Dad, 'What is the difference between confident and confidential?'
Dad says, 'You are my son, I'm confident about that. Your friend over there, is also my son, that's confidential! '

6. Anger management?
Husband: 'When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger?'
Wife: 'I clean the toilet.'
Husband: 'How does that help?'
Wife: 'I use your toothbrush .'


Got it From Web.XD


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lame Joke 16

"Doctor! I have a serious problem, I can never remember what i just said."

"When did you first notice this problem?"

"What problem? "

First of August

yea~today is the first of August d. My PMR trial exam is on first of September.That's mean there is still one month left for me to prepare the examination. Haiz~time flies.

Speaking of PMR, Yanyi is putting a lot of effort in it. 24 hours nerding make Yanyi a dull boy.haha~juz joking Yanyi,dun angry oh. that day he told me he had finished Science subject. Then, I test him for a dozen questions, he couldn't answer a lot of it. Thats wad made him scared.too bad~I asked till he dulan me,asked me to halt. Sorry ar Yanyi,you said u finished d,so I just pop some questions only...

Alright,tomorrow I will be crossing over to the island to visit my cousin. One of my cousin, my father's 2nd elder brother's daughter, is going to study abroad.So we will go there to say good bye and give off angpau. After that,maybe can go for Harry Potter 6. Perharps you will ask,such a harry potter freak like me will watch it after 3 weeks the movie rolled out.huh,cause we plan to watch it with my brother.We waited my brother to come bk from UK,after that he fled to KL again. So the event was postpone til tomorrow,hope I wont miss it.

Planning to bring my collection Potter wand to the cinema.But I scared the wand will be snapped into two if I kept waving it during the movie.XD

About 60 days till PMR,I think I should start my revision now seriously.Last time just turn the pages only.

well,Yanyi is nerding,so he cant blog,left only Jeffrey.Frankly,Jeffrey is a lot more busier than Yanyi all the time.However,you can owys see him online... ...