Friday, 27 November 2009

A week after Marathon

At a wink it is a week after the kinda tiring Marathon.

Jing Yi said she would like to take part at first but it was too far from PJ.huh~Jing Yi sorry ya, why ya there is no Petaling Bridge at your place.Nevermind, at least you can take part in Petaling Street Marathon.XD

There is not much events for me so far this holidays, not like Yan Yi, he can go outing everyday and everywhere, just not coming to my place -_______-~

Jeffrey and I have the same characteristic, you can classify us like PMR Science paper 2 No.7 under 'locked up at home'.But take note, it should be locked up at room for Jeffrey.

What shocked me this morning was, Jeffrey still not on the line at 11am. He told me that he went for gardening...

Gardening!!!!I dunno Jeffrey would lay hands at those chores. Jeffrey, you said your garden is half the forest big right?

Don't get dumbfounded, I went to his house before. The definition of forest in Jeffrey's dictionary is a squre feet place with 2 trees in it.So half the forest mean he has a tree in front of his house.

Well, enough Jeffrey-ing. My brother Mark was supposed to be in Hong Kong now to have a date with his dearest. Just before he checked in at Bayan Lepas Airport, the officer told him his passport was considered expired because there was 3months left to expiry date.

Now we are racing. Last month I went alone to PJ to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday. He wanted to go Hong Kong alone to date but fail.XD

Next year I'll go to the moon alone to celebrate Mooncake Festival.=)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pictures of the Run

The Metal I received at the finishing point...notice the word on the back of metal ' FINISHER'.haha~

The shoes I wore to the marathon, the 'la la' shoes called by Yan Yi because of the different colours of the shoelaces.It is torn after the run.haha~

The route for Quarter Marathon, the way that had my shoeprint on it.XD

The yellow little bag sponsored by DIGI, it can transform into a backpack.Guess wad hidden inside?Some medicine, toothpaste and body shampoo! They expected us to brush our teeth during the marathon, so that our teeth could be as white as snow when we finished.XD

The Time recorder chip for us to tight on our shoelaces.

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

Yea...I went for a marathon!

Yesterday was the day, where every runners gathered at Queens Bay to test themselves. I took part in Quarter Marathon which is 10km only.There are three Categories : Full (42km), Half ( 21), Quarter (10km) and Fun Run (10km).

There were 11 buses, around 700 students took part from our school. We reached there about 1.30 because Penang Bridge would be closed from 2am to 10am Sunday.

We had nothing to do while waiting our event started at 6am, so we were wandering around that area, from Starbucks Coffee to the coast. The place was crowded, some slept on the ground, some just walking around like us.

When the time reached 6, we gathered at the starting point, tight the time recorder chip on our shoe laces, we set off. At first we said we would be running together, but then everyone left the group one by one after the starting point -.-

I ran on the journey alone ... ...

Seeing the cars past by on the left and buildings moving backwards...the sky was still dark...the weather was so cold...I was still running.

10 KM!!

I finished it within 90 mintues.XD Got a metal. Hahaha~

When they gave me the metal at the finishing point, I thought I was one of the winners, but den I scrutinised my 'prize',there was a word written there : FINISHER


Well, this event made me didn't sleep for 24 hours!!!


Gimme Five!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Photo Trap

A motorist gets caught in an automated speed trap that photographs his car.

He later receives a ticket in the mail for $40 with a photo of his car.

Instead of payment, he sends the police department a photograph of $40.

A few days later, he gets a letter from the police department with a picture of handcuffs.



Yan Yi!I will send you lots of picture of money!!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Yo!just watched 2012 with my friends yesterday. We went to Queensbay Mall by ferry and Rapid Penang. yea~we were absent from school although yesterday was the last day for form3s. We were enjoying ourselves when 4 of our school prefects were whacked by outsiders. You must know not every prefect is like Jeffrey or Nigel who know shinobi, so they got full face of blue-black I think, not sure cause I was not reported live there. title is 2012, not prefect-bullied.Sorry...sorry.

2012...really cool...I find it very interesting.The scences are so real, just I dunno why every time they can merely escape.When the buildings on the left and right falling down one by one, the plane they ride can avoid with no mistake.Somemore, the one who drive the plane is not a qualified pilot. =.=

Actually the wicked Russian is very funny.His big size and speaking tone. However he didn't survive at last.Do remember, bad guys must all die at the end in Hollywood and Fairy tales.

2012,three years to go. In the movie, the government did not tell the people that the world is going to end. The biggest solar explosion ever recorded in human history cause the particles of the earth crust to change. This made the earth crust to move and caused earth quake. The disaster happened earlier than they estimate, not all of the ark ready and just some of them are able to aboard the ark.

When we were about to go home around 7, the rain started. It seemed like all bus shifts to Jetty are closed.When we spotted a bus, we rushed to it under rain and the driver told us they would not be going to jetty. When we were about to aboard and asked the driver, I spotted a hand trying to pick my wallet, I thought it was my friend trying to play with me. But when I turned back, it was an Indian. -________________- He was not giving up that fast, trying a few times but I just put my hands inside my pocket. He was so thicked face, beh pai seh. Having so lousy skill also dare to rob ppl. haiz.

Just to remind you guys, especially Jeffrey and Yan Yi those rich guys, take care of your wallets and belongings. I regret I didn't blow the Indian up.Huh~I missed the chance to show off shinobi skills.XD

One more thing to mention. My friends went back earlier at 5.00pm. When they wanted to aboard a rapid bus, the driver say that was a 'Rapid Melayu' and did not let them in. I personally do not know whether such things exist anot. =(

At last, we took a taxi to jetty.I reached home about 10.00pm with my body all wet.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Today is really boring. Year-end-holidays is coming in a few days time. However, will it be really holidays?I am afraid I need to go to school everyday...

Tomorrow those form3s will be going to have a gotong-royong to clean up the school before holidays start. I guess only a few will present ( included me) tomorrow. The discipline teacher is stupid enough to announce that today.

I started my add math tuition this week. I just found out my math is really dreadful. Any ways to improve my logical thinking, Jeffrey? I know Jeffrey is very good at math, and so does Yan Yi.

ARGH!It is really superb boring right now. There is no way to escape for this. Next week we'll start our holidays, boring holidays...

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lame Joke 28

She: What do you love most, my natural beauty or my body?

He: Your sense of humour.

hahahaha~come on.LaUGh Out LOUd!!!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

7th of November

Arh... 7th of November... PMR started precisely a month ago.

PMR had past for a month.We had lived a non-PMR month.

Perharps many of you had enjoyed much,but my life after PMR was just a turmoil. I didn't what I had done, I just knew I did so many things and was so busy. Almost everyday I stayed back at school, stayed up late. Frankly, I didn't touch a book or even a pen for a month.coooool~

Even though, the month was full of excitements and joy. The open ceremony of my busy after PMR life was the trip to PJ to celebrate Yan Yi's birthday. After coming back, I started on the preparation for Backwood Comp without rest. Then was the Backwood Comp. The third week our team won the champion of sandcastle building. Next was the Ultimate Frisbee Competition. The fourth week Hui Wen and I made a cake to celebrate Shea Yee's birthday. Paintball Competition just past a few days ago.

huh~see? I was really busy, not as a participant of those events, but also a co-ordinator. Someone just can't get that. He thought I am supposed to be really free and just working for him.

For December, KRS Training Camp 2009. I was elected as Patrol Leader for Patrol 8. Another test for me. You have so much to catch up and learn comparison to those who have joined KRS for three years.

What make things worst is that I'd maybe need to wait until next year to move in my new condominium -.-"

Alright, enough grumbles.haha~Thanks for lending your ears.You're really a good aundience.bye~

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Paintball Competition 2009

Yea, I went for the paintball competition today...

The feeling was like playing real life counter strike ( Of coz...)

It rained early in the morning. The war zone was so wet and everywhere was mud. We purposely wore our oldest and ready-to-throw clothes because we thought that the paint was unwashable. But when we arrived, the organizer told us that the pellets were water-soluble and non-stainning. We got ourselves with mud instead of paint ( I got no paint on my clothes because as you knew I am so pro that I didn't got any shots.XD )

The weather was so bad, thick clouds and keep raining. However, the excitement did not washed away by the rain. We played 6 games and it was 3mins per game. I went for two games and shot pinned one off.

Actually I was very frighten at first, more or less you would get blue black if you were hit by the pellets. The pain would be unbearable and even worst if your knuckles or necks were hit.

At last a team from our school grabbed the third place, we failed to accomplish our aim : get the champion so that this year all the champions of the three events organised by Inti College are ours.


Actually I trained hard yesterday, before the competition. Staying a few hours in front of computer, playing counter-strike. I was very well and pro yesterday, but all gone wrong today... ... someone tell me why ... ...

- G.I.Joe -

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shea Yee's Birthday

Yesterday was Shea Yee's birthday. =.=

Hui Wen and I made a chocalate chess cake for her at my place...

We scared the cake would fail, although at 1st it corrupted, my mother managed to mend it.

We heard many opposing voices when baking the cake.It was like the entire family, the whole world is saying no. However, we continue to move on.XD

We were pleased that we could put a real and undamaged cake in front of Shea Yee. I expect tears, but no ... ... ... ...

At Apex Coffee shop, she cut the cake. We tried it.Not bad. Hui Wen keep asking ppl to give comment.Next move, she want to open a bakery. When we sang birthday song, the apex play the song too.Everyone was looking at us man!!

SuMei, Shea Yee, Jamine and Hui Wen.

The Chocalate Cheese Cake for Shea Yee.

Sorry ya Hui Wen, your big head is not in the video.XD