Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lame Joke

Juz heard ab dis joke from my mother.Duno u all listen be4 share here.

One day,in somewhere of Malaysia,a police traffic blocked a driver coz the driver melanggar lampu merah.

Police: Eh, kamu tak nampak lampu merahkah?

Driver: Ada!!

Police: Ada? Kenapa melanggar lampu merah pula?!

Driver: Saya betul-betul nampak lampu merah, tapi saya tak nampak kamu!!!!

Give me face la, laugh a bit,although not so funny. I dunwan juz I laugh myself onli...haha. Ohya,dis post is our 51st post,in conjuction wif Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-51.Haha...


Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-51

Malaysia boleh!!
2molo is the birthday of birthday lo.


I never heard Tunku Abdul Raman shout for 7 times be4,but lucky I nOe wat he shout.HahaXD.

45minutes to 12am,no mood to count down...wan sleep le...
Here wish Malaysia Happy 51st Birthday!!!!


Went to 1u for this show with my family juz now. I went to buy tickets for this show on morning.

And the show is on 6 p.m. The starting of the show is very funny. Many hokkien proverb, which

doesnt makes any sense but very funny. The three brothers, one is jack neo. The younger

brother is the tallest, then the elder brother is shorter abit, then the eldest is the shortest. Damn

cool. Further on in the movie, is getting more touching. Lai Ming, act as their mother. She is a

caring mother. When three of her sons needs money, she took all her money which she keep

them in a container full of biscuits. But the money she gave wasnt enough for her children, then

she was so sad. Her friends tot that she have no money, but she feel sad is because she have not

enough money to help her sons. Skip skip skip, *jack neo*'s wife in the movie try to help her

family by going those small small concert to sing, so that she gets money. Then when she and her

daughter was in a car. Her daughter was on the front seat. Then the car crash. Her daughter

flew out of the car. Then then then. Duwan to say anymore. Watch it yourself. Its really very

nice. Thanks hei zel for recommending me the movie. I didnt cry. XD

Jack Neo, i am ur big fan.


Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday~always a big day to me

Wah...Friday oways a happy day to me...because Friday skul dismissed earlier,n Saturday n Sunday no skul...dis time no need to go to skul 3 days in a row~~

Jeffrey 2molo balik kampung lo...wish him can cm back safety...he said laz holidays~actually was last week,he went back n learnt some skills ab basketball.According to him,his trainning was pakat wif guys there n bully the girls there.No wonder he improve so fast...He oways pro in those stuffs.I mean bully girls.Thats why he oways spare some tissue for girls.So if u need tissue,go n ask from Jeff.u wil b easier to get it if u r a girl.

Hari kemerdekaan is near,but nobody seems has the mood to celebrate.This year no bunga api,but the TMnet offers free calls to Yan Yi,remember to call me ya.Oh,no no no,I think I call u better,coz I forgot my home phone number liao.So wat is ur homephone number,Yan Yi??er...if anyone wan me to call up on dat special day,u can leave ur HOME number in the chat box,thank you.

Ab the quiz ya,reali easy...I hope i gt the highest mark in the class.What is the tema of dis year?One World,One Dream.Hu is the 3rd prime minister??of course is Tunku Abdul Raman la.Tun Abdul Razak is Bapa?Yan Yi,Jeff n me.

Anyway,wish u all 'Happy Holidays'


Today is Friday.

Today is Friday. Yeshh !! 3 days break for weekends and Merdeka. Puan Norehan gave us a

exercise for Merdeka, and her tujuan is to see how much we love our country. One question ask

about the theme of this years Merdeka. Matthew wrote 'One World, One Dream' there with

pencil. Then the other one is, who are the 3 person that went to England to free our country

from them. We plan to write- YanYi, Matthew, Jeffrey but we didnt. Skip and skip, finally its the

end of the school. Went to Ikea, again. -.- But this time i went there in a rush and came back in a

rush. Vincent la. Put the training on 1 30. My friday all gone, all gone. Luckily i didnt get kicked

by him. XD. Oh ya, Matthew, ur skills i cant and will not learn it. XD. It's too high in grade d.

*Jeffrey version of laugh*, Oh ya, Chee Wai dun bully Soo Yin anymore. haha.

Update the blog la,jeffrey.

YANYI. De 3 musketeerz.

Monday, 25 August 2008

School reopens!

Dont feel like goin to school today. I was so damn blur. I forget to bring pj shirt. Damn. I hate wearing uniform during pjk. Stupid jeffrey dun lend his tissue to me. He say for girls when they are crying. hahaha.Jeffrey, u think when one girl cries, other boy wont give meh. Spare on me better !

Oh ya, hei zel told the whole chinese class a true story when she went to kuantan. Its about a boy almost died in the swimming pool because he cant swim and no one wants to help him. Luckily his was safe at last. Me and matthew continue fooling people in school. That's our daily job. Then nothing much d. Closing ceremony for Beijing olympic wasnt that nice. But it still quite nice. Opening is better. Jimmy Page, the old guitarist with long white hair playing a song, while Leone Lewis is singing.

Blogged by, Yanyi.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Holidays Holidays...
ntg interesting...juz got one arguement between Andrew,Soo Yin,Chee Wai n me.3 Pengawas versus me leh...but still lose...Jeffrey say mainly is between Chee Wai n me ...den he created the princips dat he told Yan Yi.

From the argument,I found out 1 thing.Chee Wai n Soo YIn,dis two pengawas oways argue wif each other,den dat day they feel bored,contact list so many names they dunwan,they target me.then?wat happen?they lose lo...

But i reali hope u all juz feel bored n play wif me.tell me juz joking,n I will adjust my mood n play wif u all like in the school.for ur infomation,I hate ppl wun more than 3 days de,but will play u up in ur whole life.haha.

As the Chinese proverb state:YI HE WEI GUI so I wun mind anything wan...Soo Yin very scared,she thought me a person hu cannot play I dis type of ppl??I so happy n cheerful everyday...haha...blow ur hair la.

By the way,Yin Yin so fast surrender point playing,nt syiok.Dun sob la.

Here is the official website of Foon Yew Kulai:
Pls visit when free...more deeper ab my laz school...I reali miss them...n some photo's too..,HA


Monday, 18 August 2008

Big People, Big Princip.

Today i learnt many many big life princip from jeffrey. He was like so pro. Haha. Cant blame people. He getting older d. Anyway, juz right after i was online. I become so pissed off by some stuff which is not really related to me, more towards Matthew.When i was typing foul words in MSN, jeffrey is chilling me down. End up, i'm not angry to those stuff anymore.

Today, i went to Midvalley with my fren by taking bus. So long la. I regret goin there. Wasture of time and money. The Metrobus-99 turn from here to there, spin and spin. Damn sien. Then when we reach Midvalley, nothing to do there. Damn boring. Those stuff there have no difference with 1u. Same shop, same stuff. Then, we took bus back again. It's so freaking long on the bus. Its about 45 mins. Finally, we reach home.


Thx for giving me those big big princip. I took panadol after that. Jk.


Friday, 15 August 2008

Last day of the term

Last day liao ar~~so excited.Although yesterday decided to take revenge,but seem they scared us d n have learnt a lesson,we do nothing on them.well,when reached school,Yan Yi n I merayau-rayau n suddenly saw an aircraft like burning rushing down.We thought wat happen.Yan Yi said was the sun,but I said was UFO,Aaron even cant see it.

Next,we all beratur di tapak perhimpunan to celebrate wat kemerdekaan.But today,for Chinese,erm....u noe wat day is Chinese calendar 15 of July la.And,we suddenly saw dat is hope for Malaysia d.When singing all three 1 gang,penuh semangat.Ha,sang until teacher oso interested at n wan them to calm down a bit...Then cm the penyajak wif tradisonal clothes.Wao,i think he is more like scolding + screaming + shouting more than menyampai sajak.

After we went in class.Yan Yi n I built up road block or tol plaza.But the passer-by destroy the tol instead of touch-n-go or using SmartTAG.Then I sit on 3 chairs while Yan Yi sit on 2 chairs.the kesan is,I am the tallest n Yi is second tallest while sitting in the class.But Pn Jothi seem lik no ntg ab dis although she moved around us.

Here cm recess.the most excited part.For ur infomation,Geng Han is very scared of ghosts.When he went in toilet,we threw a piece of paper the one he was in.We made some red spot on the paper n desperate Geng Han will shout for that.XD^.^As I yesterday promised,we will sneak into our class without spotted by the two pengawas.Proudly to say that we succeed to do so!!Not once,but twice in a row.we ran a big round n cm from tempat rehat n ran into class thru front door.the 1st time,both pengawas were nt there.So,we cm out n greet them n tell them we will do again.for the 2nd time,they still cant spotted us.

I duno Yi ting n Wen qi told what to Yin.Mayb they change the story.Or they told her something wat I had said...nvm...I dun care.Happy Holidayz to all of u...


Instructor of Apple Pie

Thursday, 14 August 2008


yapz,finally we had our final paper which is the scary 10 pages dat we flicked through this morning!!

so tday im gonna tok about errmm....

wat shud i tok about ya??

ahh forget bout it -.-

seriously nothing to blog lately T.T tml going back kampung summore

balik kampung~~ohh ohhh ohhhhhh balik kampung!!

oh btw, soo yin!! ur com got prob not my fault Grrrr....



T-shirt M-size Ninja Teenagerz~~ TMNT~

Break-out news

Just before this second.Somebody(actually is Yi Ting n Wen Qi,the new Mediacorp actress),took the advantage to gossip about me...

Actually,for Yi Ting likes....erm....sorry~~very confusing.Nevermind,for both of them,they like Chyn Wei,Bing Han,and many many more.seems like they have the same lovers,dats wat confusing.

However,congrates to them.tomolo wil be a very happy,good,unforgetable day for them.Laz day of dis term ma...must special sedikit mah...

Well,welcome to cm n find me or Yan Yi for more details.pls follow up the news,beside worrying Lee Chong Wei win or nt.Thankyou very much.


When Earth Spinning

Everyday,Yan Yi and I meet each other,greet each other,talk to each other,play with each other.

And everyday,we try to make out something new...about how to trick or trap ppl...but we have no enemy until this moment.why leh?because if they reali hate us,they dun dare admit or show it.Yan Yi, right?hehe.^^

Recently...juz duno why...always have a feeling dat feel sorry to Jeffrey. We destroyed things here n there...fooling there n here...laughing here n there...playing there n here...=all this=...sure not involed Jeffrey.Haiz,we keep enjoying happy sch lifes but he is not with us.

Or maybe,I admit...As a pengawas...he must not breaking rules with us...n stopping us to do dat is his responsibility.We always do something against those pengawases lately (rush to class without being notice by the two almost same name pengawas,so far we failed to do dat,we will never stop trying).Not challenging them,juz playing with them.Then I found out something:Pengawas always very serious while on duty,but other than 15mins in the morning n 20 mins recess time,cant identify them as a pengawas if not the blue shirt.U will noe, a gud n well known example is Geng Han.Try to see him when he is duty.Yan Yi n I notice him almost every morning.

Of course,not all the pengawas like dat kind.See,like Wei Yang,a very polite,handsome,playful,exactly same as us.Hehe.

Why so serious?Lets put a smile on them~Yan Yi,Lets do it.


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Today Is August Thirteen.

This blog need to be update more often. Ask Jeffrey update sure hopeless wan although he

online almost everyday. Dont talk bout him liao, sometimes me and matthew feel that he is

shipping with himself onli. I can say that malaysia drama got future edi. Our school got lots of

actor and actress. Hahaha. Some is damn good in acting. But keep on acting the same thing will

not make ppl trust u. Congratz to Mediacorp, when ever u nid a new actor/ actress, do come to

our school and search, many talented ppl here. Haha. After school, i went to comunity hall and

find JJ, Kadri and Hui Li. They are Playing basketball there. Guess what? I saw both cik

chong, Cik Ina and Puan Lee..........Siok Kim. Hui Li was like: Omg, 4 chinese teacher there eating

la. Skip this thing. JJ told me that his mother said that i am tall and big, but my face look like a

kid. I was like wtf when i heard it. Haha. Dunno whether i should feel happy or not? But i admit i

act very childish with Matthew sometimes.


Sunday, 10 August 2008


After disappeared for duno how many days coz of the stupid viruses, finally i can on9.I saw Yan Yi's grandfather 'qinggong+shuishangpiao',not bad can stay 3 minutes.But I noe Yan Yi dat time sleep d n din watch...reali upset his grandfather.Coz the Beijing Olympic 2008 open ceremony, I noe many others country n their funny names.

Recently my school life nt so boring.Yan YI n I have a lot of things to 'do',ppl to tease,ppl to scold,ppl to dulan,ppl to joke,things for fun,things to eat,things to play,things to destroy,water to drink,air to breathe..And we r planning more n more n more n more..........

Ohya,n subjects to exam...

nid to study d...


Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympic Opening

I LOVE U, CHINA ! U rock la ! I'm so proud that my grandfather's grandfather came from

china. So i'm still a bit related to China. Bei Jing olympic opening is so freaking nice and super

special. One flying kite can bring a small girl to fly. Hahaha. Some people can draw using black

ink while dancing or more to spinning. Damn Damn Damn. I want to go there. T.T. I wan to hop

on the plane to beijing. Too bad i'm not spiderman or jumper. Aww, the marching is so damn

boring. Continue the performance please. Magic is not even that interesting. Those performance

is juz like impossible. I want to see giant- Yao Ming and Fly man- Liu Xiang. Faster la. Matthew,

stop dreaming bout Harry Potter anymore.

Posted by, China olympic fan.

YanYi- 080808 is the time when dreaming stops and dream come true.

080808 YEAH!!! nice day, nice time, nice conversation

HI china 080808!!! bye james bond 007 XD

Bet a lot of u guyz are watching olympics now, well....
nothing much to talk about, so im gona post sum SCARY stories dat andrew juz told me juz now, yapz when i say andrew, i mean the super star from skills of andrew!! Andrew FONG!!!

ok so heres it...
in a fine night.......
andrew told a a scary story.......

~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
go on
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
fley ar?
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
not bad wor
Ah Beng says:
ok den?
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
good starting
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
she so short
Ah Beng says:
Ah Beng says:
shut up!
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
i muz be a sky scraper
Ah Beng says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
diam jeff
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:

~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
~8Jeffrey8~ says:
omg not my type lar
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
aso nto saying u..
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
don perasan
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~8Jeffrey8~ says:

~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:

~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
Ah Beng says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
Ah Beng says:
Ah Beng says:
Ah Beng says:
Ah Beng says:
see...i told u i hav potential in shinobi
Ah Beng says:

~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:
so scary wei
~@Ndr3/\™~ says:

Sry la if u think itz lame!! blame the 1 who told the story! =B

OHhhh btw, to the person who has POTENTIAL IN SHINOBI~ c u in this club next year XD

n den n den!! YAY I FINALLY FINISH MY 5 SONGZ FOR EXAMS!! now juz left the solo!!cikgu faster write my solo for me arr!! ^^


nothing much to do, so...yeah~

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Neutralisation Equation

Long timee no update d because the exam is coming. Every exam for me is important because i wan face mah. U noe la. Later some Ah Cuan in my class come and show off. My face all terbang

sini terbang sana. So me and Wei Yang decided to beat him everytime in exam. The 1st time of exam i won him by ngam ngam. Then second time of exam,Wei Yang won him. Well this time

dunno who will win. XD i found out a great formula to memorize neutralisation equation. Its so damn easy. And now i am happy.

hydrochloric acid+sodium hydroxide---> sodium chloride+water. Yipee.

So many craps. Shaun Oon i wan go ur 'high tech' hse on holidays. Jeffrey also ask me to go jamming at AkarKarya. Hope i wont throw ur face, Jeffrey.

Ditulis oleh, Lee Yan Yi.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

2nd half of the tag

Tagged by soo yin

[ACT 2]1. Best place to cry ?
In dreams where no one sees me and everythings always alright...

2. Who do you love the most?
-.- wats the point of me writing the answer when u all can juz go on guessing XP

3. Tell us your dream last night?
well...havin kinda weird dreams lately, cant really remember well, err...i remember seeing sum weird waterfall wif dark blue crystal colour water and stones...or sumthing like dat

4. Ever hated someone so bad?
Trust me...u wont wanna c how much i hate dat fella

5. The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
Ohhh...sum1 told me this : I WONT GOSSIP BOUT U ANYMORE LA!!! XD end up now dat person himself GG wif lotz of gossips HAHAZ

[LAST PERSON]...~ Had a beer with ?
Myself...sad right?? next time free come find me drink lorr...

~ Went to the movies with ?
My cousins from muar

~ Talked on the cell phone with
Kah soon : ello, jeffrey arr??
Jeffrey : err yeah...anything??
Kah soon : I dun haf enuff cups for tmls celebration le
Jeffrey : ok la nvm, JUZ REMEMBER BRING THE JUICE!!
Kah soon : ohh ok

(does this answer ur question? LOL)

~ You hugged?
Yun wei!!! hahaz, dat guyz a really nice person!!! btw, IM NOT GAY!! XB

~ You yelled at ?
Myself for being useless sumtimez....

[IN THE LAST WEEK HAVE YOU ]..~ Kissed someone ?

~ Sing/Sang/Sung ?
Yapz!!!tday wif eujin n xianting!!! "I'l be juz fine~pretending im not~im far from lonely and its all that ive got!!" all that ive got - the used, nice song =)

~ Danced crazy?
need energy de le...i whr got so much energy

1. Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry ?
wahhh u people dun wanna noe, well...i left a crack sign on my fathers table, now u noe how pissed i was =P

2. You will die in 3 mins. Last call?

3. If you could do anything OR wish anything, wad would it be?
Happiness for everyone~yeapz including u!

4. Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
Yapz, MY SIS!! WAHAHHAAHAHHAA i noe im evil but stil.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

5. Are you old fashioned?
Dependz on wat matter, sumtimez old fashioned wayz are alwayz better!

6. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
To tell sum1 dat i luv dem

7. What things would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
My pride~

so "intresting" tag -.-''

Monday, 4 August 2008

Tagged by soo yin (OMG i dun realli like the questions -.- )

Answer these questions honestly

[ACT 1 ]1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf ?
As in do my parentz allow arr??? u shud ask whether i do haf a gf b4 onot XD

2. Describe yourself in one word.
Weird =P

3. Who would you pick , someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
dependz, u c ar...i wont wanna hurt people but...i cant lie my own feelingz T.T

4 . Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
Nopez, i had courage but itz juz not a factor of NOT telling the person XP

5. Does it feel good to love?
When the person is happy...yeah....^^

6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes to live, IF you love someone special what will you say to that person?
I'l choose not to disturb her, or just tell her that i'm going outstation and wont come back or sumthing....

7. What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?

8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
Har??tried to love?? soundz weirder den me -.-

9.What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
Errr...ppl dat r like dat.....doesnt really matter in life XD to those type of poeple ( CHOI U OSO SO LA!!!)

10.What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
Do u feel like a man~~ when u push her around~~do u feel better now?? As she falls to the ground~~ XD 4 those who didint notice,itz the lyrics from face down-red jumpsuit apparatus
btw itz a nice song =)

More tags to do next time T.T

Friday, 1 August 2008

1st day of the month is the 1st day of Ogos.feel a bit down n boring.Besides Soo Yin n Abi blowing their hair,nothing interesting happen.When Yan Yi n I blow our hair,Soo Yin pretend duno anything.Haha. Actually we noe she is enjoying,Yan Yi right?

Now very hardworking,coz 2molo gt chinese literature competition.Cik Chong said I m the only hope,damn pressure man...T.T~Anyway,I will try my best to gain the highest honour for the school.Although I oso cannot remmeber all the info, I will juz tembak n use my common sense.So pls wish me gooood luck,although dis not like finding the meaning of death...XD

Wah,already a week lo,since the taxi funny case.Hehe,but dat was a gud memory too.Laz week to dis week, many things change lo.dis week nt like laz week gud.laz week got xtra 3 days to play to relax to enjoy to ThinK to recall to remember.Den dis week must pay the price for the 3 days,the height of the homework higher then mount we hav the time to complete to catch up to chase to learn to ForgeT.

yea~~Ogos, a new month...may today be a goood start for Ogos...2molo better than 2molo...2molo will be better....there r hopes in future...gooood ones in future....

P.S Yan Yi~~~~remember to memorize the prinsip i told u...^^

Matthew~~Putumayam @ Mahyong