Thursday, 15 March 2012

21st,of March,of 2012

This day seems so special, perharps everyone is anticipating it? Or just me alone, taking it over-seriously like a maniac.

Now the date of release of SPM results is officially announced, it is like a count-down timer of a bomb has been triggered, every second counts. Especially my mother, she is even more anxious than me. Or should I say, more excited.

I feel like getting back to some months ago, the same feeling, when the first day of the exam was approaching. These two days are similar, don't they? We were anxious, scared, confident. We are worried, afraid, anticipating. The only difference would be, we are not grabbing every second to cram as much as we can. We are waiting the sun of that day to rise, rather in tranquility.

I pictured that day would be a world-changing day, the world as in my own perspective. I thought I will never be the same again. I described it, to all intents and purposes, like a doomed day. I was planning to stop working after that day, my reason was I need to use the limited time to equip myself for further education. As I think it over now, I chuckle. I was like planning to escape a devastating flood, like one in the Noah's time.

21st of March will be just like any other days. The sun won't rise from the west.

Don't laugh at me. Haha. I somehow figure out that. Life still goes on after that day. Just like we have gone through the exam, and it was like nothing to us now. We thought it would be tough, but it was rather easy because we have conquered it. We have new challenges ahead, after climbing and sweating profusely to the top of a hill, we will walk down the slope with ease. This is the time for us to relax and to regain our energy. Then, we should set off climbing another moutain, with sweats and tears.

21st of March is just a day for us to have a look on our performance for the past few years. If your results are good, carry on and make it even better. On the contrary, just gear up and work harder in your next stage. Find your passion, paint your sky.

321, it is another way of presenting 21st of March, isn't it?

 3 2 1 GO!

We better start practising how to jump on that day. XD Each one of us creates our own unique stlye of jumping and shouting. Don't bother about your results, we all jump up high together! YEAH!

I think I will stay up all night before that day, praying. Haha. I bet I will still can't fall asleep, even though I have changed my mindset regarding to it. You all know I will be nervous easily.

See you guys on that day! I think we should go for breakfast together before entering school. How about that?

Should I let my mum read this? =)