Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ooi Lay Seik's Birthday!!

I think I know this breaking news yesterday from Xue Kai that today is our beloved Modern Math teacher's Nth birthday. ( sorry I did not know her age as they say age is all women's secret) haha.

However hardly anyone prepared to celebrate with her or what in the morning when we reached the class since a few knew it was her birthday. Chen Xin our dear monitor bought a card, he signed and I brought it to birthday lady.

Somehow we got shocking news that 5SA3 was going to have a grand celebration with her. They bought a RM80 birthday cake, but was kept in the discipline room for 'protection' since the it is so costly right.hahahaha.

Then our class feel like we should act more than just saying "happy birthday".

It was not until the 9th period we guys started to think a way to surprise her on her 10th period Math. Jin Qian, Wen Jiong, Xue Kai, Wee Rock and me started to crap all kind of cool presentations. We needed to shift class for the 10th period to the lab at the fourth floor of B block. We planned to sing birthday song loudly to her on the other side. However Jin Qian and Jiong thought of writing 'Happy Birthday' in big letters.

We asked Wan Ting and Wei Qi to help us to lead the girls team over there to sing birthday song and to direct her to look at our side. Wei Qi agreed with a big smile. She was so excited to be conductor at all times.

10 more minutes to 10th period!We garnered papers and wrote big letters frantically together. This was the time we were so united in doing one thing and I like the feeling.XD

We grabbed any pens and markers and highlighters and splash out on the papers. Every letter was unique in shapes and colours since everyone made it together. The bell rang but we were still not ready yet.

Besides the letters, Itik drew a cake and I drew a big love and 18.=)

Wei Qi, the 100metre winner, sprinted across the building with all her might to get ready. We guys were left behind for the letters thingy.

I gave them a 'fall in' and asked them to be in line so Wee Rock can distribute the letters accordingly. We were so excited really as if we were preparing at the back stage for a stage performance. Hahaha.I yearned my head out of the door to see Wei Qi's signal.

Ah Ooi is often a bit late for the class. I waited her figure to appear at second floor. Our guys started to complain why so long. I decided to let them to keep their books first. Once I spotted her emerging at second floor, I yelled at them to be ready. Their shouting and actions really made me laugh. All of them were behind me, on my count to run out to show the letters.

She was on the third floor!!

Halfway staircase to Fourth!!


I pushed the door as if wanna to break it off and ran out to the right, our team of guys follow suited. We spread in one line with the letters and pictures on our hands waving and holding up high. She saw us and paused a moment, then waved back to us again. We started to sing Birthday Song, we were so high as if we were in some carnivals. And guess what it was after school! and everyone was watching at us Siao Kia .

We threw our faces from fourth floor, but its okay :) its worth!

At last we handed our letters to her. She said she had received flowers and cards for years but this time was the first time she received something like this. The room rang with applause.

We were creative and she was touched, she said.XD

yeah!!!What a thing so meaningfully we had done. GOOD JOB 5SA1!!


By the way although sometimes her words are sharp and pierce through our hearts, she is still a good teacher and nice friend to us.

And we will do the same for other teachers right, just let us know ur birthday then.=)