Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mid Year Hols

Argh~2 months never blog.

Today feel like switching the computer, connecting to the net and without any thoughts, just like voluntary movement, typed in the address and password and started to crap something here.

So far this holidays were busy as usual. My holidays never seemed to be holidays at all, still attending to school, just at a different time and casual attire.

Well, Wen Qi visited me on last last Sunday. She 'booked' my time since friday, so I could arranged for the meeting. Watch prince of persians, not bad. Before that having lunch on a toilet bowl and eating 'chocalate' ice cream. Wen Qi, I would like to clarify that I don't have any lover or gf or anything you think.XD haha~ And your acting at Borders was very good.=)

Monday I went on a school trip to KL. Sending text messages to yiting, wenqi, liyen, yanyi and jeffrey to greet them. I was amazed that someone wondered why I din text her.

Yesterday, feeling bored, decided to walk out from the school with Soo Hou for a walk. He didnt have breakfast yet. So we started our morning walk. We were like Ho Chiak team, stopping at every food stall to taste some food. Our first station was Apollo market, famous of all kind of Penang food. After that we went to ice kacang stall some distance away. We just continued to explore and at last make a detour back to school after 2 hours.

About noon time, Li Yen texted me said she was on the bridge.Hinting me to cross over to meet her. OMG, I was still at school with my work, about an hour later I decided to cross over the sea to Gurney, although it was late. I reached Jetty by 3.40, aboard Rapid no 103 at 4.40,reached GSC gurney plaza at 5.30.Almost 2 hours to get there ( Li Yen dun feel guilty.XD)However Li Yen was still on her way from Queensbay. I bought the tickets and got in 15mins after the show started.I think Li Yen is leaving penang to go back by the time I am blogging this.Bye~Li yen.

2mr is fathers' day, Here I wish Yan Yi and Jeffrey Happy Fathers' day and I think Jeffrey will be receiving a lots of presents.X)