Friday, 7 November 2008

In Memoriam

Try to recall those days~u noe,especially the 1st day I arrived in dis skul(althu is a wrong move for some reasons,but not bad can noe Jeff n Yan Yi).welcome anyone to share ur very 1st impression to me.send to anyone of us n we will post up here if u like.thank you.I noe Yin very hate me at 1st,I think Yan Yi oso dulan me before~n Wei Yang dun even realise I was there =.=

Ah~the 1st day~~it was like happen thousand yrs ago~dat time i feel damn nervous when enter dis skul~I was like:what?students sit on the ground?the 1st person I in touched was Pik San.she is the pengawas for 2Matahari.den I sat down beside Kadri.I think we got shake hands.den we started to chat.

After perhimpunan,we went in the class.Remember I helped kadri shift tables from other classes.den,duno how n why!I sat beside Keng Han!!I haven found out how serious was dat time~but noe...URGH!how lucky was I.

Many teachers absent dat day,so we juz chat n chat n chat.ohya~1st day I was there,Jeff ask me to join Shinobi~According to the pengerusi,he will give me full attendence if I joined.emmmmm~dis offer not bad,so I joined the club dat train u become a professional untensil for others to whack.

Well,I think dats my 1st day in dis skul~my last day wil either be on Monday or Thursday~dats another story~
~Remember to share out~

The one neither Jeffrey nor Yan Yi~yu-hoooooooooooo

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