Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday~always a big day to me

Wah...Friday oways a happy day to me...because Friday skul dismissed earlier,n Saturday n Sunday no skul...dis time no need to go to skul 3 days in a row~~

Jeffrey 2molo balik kampung lo...wish him can cm back safety...he said laz holidays~actually was last week,he went back n learnt some skills ab basketball.According to him,his trainning was pakat wif guys there n bully the girls there.No wonder he improve so fast...He oways pro in those stuffs.I mean bully girls.Thats why he oways spare some tissue for girls.So if u need tissue,go n ask from Jeff.u wil b easier to get it if u r a girl.

Hari kemerdekaan is near,but nobody seems has the mood to celebrate.This year no bunga api,but the TMnet offers free calls to Yan Yi,remember to call me ya.Oh,no no no,I think I call u better,coz I forgot my home phone number liao.So wat is ur homephone number,Yan Yi??er...if anyone wan me to call up on dat special day,u can leave ur HOME number in the chat box,thank you.

Ab the quiz ya,reali easy...I hope i gt the highest mark in the class.What is the tema of dis year?One World,One Dream.Hu is the 3rd prime minister??of course is Tunku Abdul Raman la.Tun Abdul Razak is Bapa?Yan Yi,Jeff n me.

Anyway,wish u all 'Happy Holidays'


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